Kenward Orthopaedic is one of the 
leading orthopaedic footwear
manufacturers in the UK.

About us

Kenward Orthopaedic was originally established in 1993 as manufacturers of bespoke footwear for NHS patients seeking customised footwear to meet their particular orthopaedic needs. All our footwear can be produced as stock, modular or full bespoke. We also manufacture total contact insoles and offer a full repairing and adapting service for footwear.

Over the years our success has seen us expand our operations, with investment in the latest technology and production methods. Our range of high quality footwear has also increased, along with the use of superior materials, improved production methods and the implementation of a quality system to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

Our highly skilled and experienced workforce combine traditional skills with modern production methods and technology to provide practical and stylish footwear. We strive to deliver outstanding customer service and work closely with Orthotists to ensure a solution can be found for even the most complex of cases.

Contact & Location


We welcome private enquiries and orders, as well as those from the NHS.
Kenward Orthopaedic has expertise in designing and manufacturing stock, modular and full bespoke footwear, as well as total contact inlays. We also offer a full repairing and adapting service.

For private enquiries it may be necessary to arrange an appointment, in the first instance please complete the form below.


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